Thursday, November 4 | 9 am - 4 pm

(six- hour, full-day class)

Lunch break is from 12 - 1 pm | Brief breaks every hour | Open Q&A

C3) Leading Across Generations and Dealing with Change

Presented by Tim Schneider, Aegis Learning and Kelley Reynolds, Aegis Learning

Class Description:

Since the first recorded history, generations have been struggling to work together and relate to each other successfully. Leading Across Generations will provide the key skills of relatability, empathy, understanding and relational connection points to successfully work and interact with any generation. From the millennials to generation X to baby boomers, each generation has different needs, expectations and wants from the workplace and each grew up with different value sets. None are right or wrong but just different.

This program further takes participants into the common elements and traits of each generation in the working environment and looks at both the demographic and economic impact associated with generational shifts and what those shifts mean to working cultures and healthy workplaces.

We have more memory and storage in our phones compared to the first computers we owned. Drones deliver packages to our doorstep. Human organs are being grown in a laboratory and you can’t give away CD’s, DVD’s or VHS tapes at a garage sale.

Change and innovation are everywhere and successful leaders both embrace change and stimulate innovation, both personally and with their team. This program provides the powerful tools to reduce the loss of productivity associated with any change event, build partnerships with those affected by change and work to condition their team and selves to embrace change. Leadership TRANSFORMATION-Innovation and Change also presents the skills needed to become more innovative, creative, and produced sustained and impacting change in the working environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differences in generational values
  • Impact of generations working together
  • Understanding generational needs, wants, and experience 
  • Building Rapport, empathy, and understanding across generational lines
  • Demographic shifts in generations and the workplace
  • Best practices for healthy workplaces and different generations
  • Inevitability of change
  • Reducing the impact of the change cycle
  • input for change and innovation
  • Opportunity for innovation
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Connecting innovation to vision and values
  • Promoting innovation with team members

Target Audience: 

  • Building department and code enforcement supervisors, managers and building officials.
  • All municipal team members in a supervisory or management role.

Level of Expertise:

  • Any and all welcome and will take something from this course

About our Presenter: 

Tim Schneider is the founder, president and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning.

His mission, in total alignment with Aegis Learning is “Dedicated to Your Success”. Tim brings passion, heart and 25 years of successful experience to all leadership development projects, customer service initiatives and while building high performance teams. Tim is one of the most sought-after and in-demand speakers, training facilitators and individual development coaches in the United States.

Tim is the author of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, Beyond Engagement, and A Heart for Leadership. These high impact books are about leading the right way and creating an organizational culture that is both healthy and successful. His works have been featured in many business and professional development publications and he is one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the United States. Stylistically, Tim brings unparalleled commitment and enthusiasm to each engagement and works hard to make sure all participants not only learn but have fun along the way.

Personally, Tim makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Lynn, Zach and Nalah the rescue kitties, and Sydney the Corgi. He is the father of two grown boys, continues a life-long love affair by playing men’s league baseball and enjoys any outdoor adventure.

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