Join the Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA)

There are many reasons to join the Oregon Building Officials Association! Together as an association, we can continue to enhance and promote our valuable building safety industry. We have a united voice legislatively at the State level through our well-respected Lobbyist and Legislative Committee.

We provide numerous high-quality educational opportunities throughout the year -- all custom crafted to address issues in your day-to-day, topics and experts keeping your jurisdiction up-to-speed on the latest industry news and trends. We focus our education to building departments and their other city and county teams as appropriate per topic. We have many other classes as well valuable to our industry partners such as engineers, fire personnel, architects, designers, contractors and remodelers. 

Together we can make a difference; together we can accomplish great things. Join us in our efforts!

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OBOA Membership Types

Class A Membership:  A governmental unit or department represented by a building official who is charged with the administration and enforcement of laws and ordinances related to building construction.  

Class A membership dues are based on population of jurisdiction served as outlined below:

Population of Jurisdiction Class A Membership Level # of Voting Representatives Annual Dues
1 – 10,000 Level 1 2 $240
10,001 – 25,000 Level 2 4 $415
25,001 – 50,000 Level 3 4 $475
50,001 – 100,000 Level 4 4 $580
100,000+ Level 5 6 $1,155

Professional Member:

An individual or company who is contracted with or employed by a jurisdiction eligible for Class A membership and must hold a current Oregon Inspector Certification. Annual membership dues for Professional membership is $160. 


Associate Member:  

An individual, firm, corporation or association interested in the objectives of the association.  Annual membership dues for Associate membership is $290. You may apply as an Individual Associate member, or a Company Associate Member (same dues amount).


Educational Member:  

An individual enrolled in classes or a course of study related to building codes and code administration and full-time instructors who teach building code and code administration classes.  Annual membership dues for Educational membership is $40.


Please return completed application and payment to the OBOA office.  

Printable Member Application

Mail to:
16869 SW 65th Ave., Ste 121
Lake Oswego, OR 97035-7865

OBOA association dues are nondeductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses due to lobbying.