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This information is provided by the Oregon Building Officials Association as a helpful resource for our members and interested parties.

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The State of Oregon Building Codes Division website can be accessed here

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State of Oregon Legislators – Committees – Schedules

Find Your Legislator: Use this link by entering your FULL mailing address to find your representatives in the Oregon Legislature: Who Represents Me in Oregon?

Oregon State Senate Listing: The Oregon State Senate Listing includes all of the Oregon State Senators' pictures, and contact information.

Oregon House of Representatives Listing: The Oregon House of Representatives Listing includes all of the Oregon State Representatives' pictures, and contact information.

Oregon Legislative Committees

Oregon’s legislative process is dependent on legislative committees.  Committees are where the majority of the work to shape legislation and public policy is done.

Industry/Other Related Events & Websites of Interest

It is of utmost importance to OBOA to offer quality programs and services to our members.  From time to time we receive information from industry-related organizations regarding their events or other news.  As a courtesy to our members and as an additional benefit of OBOA membership and the building safety industry, we are providing the following links of other organizations and/or their events.  We wish to provide you with potentially valuable offerings and Continuing Education (CE) opportunities.  Please note that OBOA does not accept responsibility for the content of this information or take registrations/questions on behalf of the organization.  Please contact the individual organization directly for more details, to register for an event, or provide feedback.

Other Resources & Documents (in no particular order; some for historical reference):