Oregon Building Officials Association

Code of Ethics

The Oregon Building Officials Association sets forth this Code of Ethics to guide the conduct of the members of the association.  Members shall act in such a way to uphold the brand, reputation and public confidence in the professionalism, dedication, and integrity of not only the individual member of the Oregon Building Officials Association, but also of the Association itself.

The characteristics of honesty, leadership and stewardship are integral to the success of both OBOA and the membership as a whole.  We firmly believe that each member will strive to uphold the values, reputation and legacy of OBOA.  Violations of this Code are determined in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures of the Association. Any disciplinary action will be addressed by the OBOA Board of Directors.

Each OBOA member, at all times, shall act in an ethical manner, and represent oneself truthfully, professionally and in a non-misleading manner.  Each member shall comply with the ethical rules and regulations related to his or her profession, and avoid conflicts of interest.

While participating in any OBOA activities, each OBOA member shall act and speak in a respectful,  professional and ethical manner so as neither to offend nor bring discredit to oneself or the Oregon Building Officials Association.  Each OBOA member is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards, integrity and business practices.  OBOA is committed to providing an environment that is free from any type of harassment and such behavior will not be tolerated. When the OBOA Board of Directors determines that an allegation of harassment is credible, it will take appropriate corrective action.

Respect & Collegiality
Each OBOA member shall maintain a professional relationship that is based on respect, professional courtesy, dignity and the highest ethical standards.

Each OBOA member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other stakeholders.

Diversity & Discrimination
Each OBOA member shall not participate in any agreement or activity that would limit or deny access to any individual or entity based on economic factors, race, marital status, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, country of national origin.